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What is the Difference between Zerorez® and Other Carpet Cleaning Companies?

What is the Difference between Zerorez® and Other Carpet Cleaning Companies?

When it comes to finding a company to help you clean your home, you will want to make sure that you do your research. Although carpet cleaning may sound pretty straightforward, many different companies employ various techniques and solutions to get your home clean. We are here to break down the different methods of carpet cleaning and give context for what separates Zerorez® from other carpet cleaning companies like Stanley Steemer or Chem-Dry.

Different Carpet Cleaning Methods

Stanley Steemer with Steam Cleaning

One of the more common methods of carpet cleaning is steam cleaning. This method involves soaps and detergents that contain harsh chemicals that are often left behind, causing residue. The leftover solution can lead to a sticky, crunchy feeling on your carpet and can cause dirt accumulation soon after cleaning.

Chem-Dry with Hot Carbonating Extraction

A more dated method of cleaning, bonnet cleaning involves using a machine to roll a "bonnet" made of fabric around on the surface of your carpet after being soaked in some sort of soap or chemical solution and applied to the carpet, then soaked again in clean water to go over the carpet once more. This allows for deeply embedded dirt to remain in the fibers of your carpet.

Zerorez® Cleaning with Hot Water Extraction

That's right, we have our own category of carpet cleaning methods. Using proprietary technology, we are able to deliver a deeper clean using non-toxic, pet, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Our Zr Water® is alkalized water that has the cleaning power of soap, without the harsh chemicals. With only three steps, we are able to limit the amount of moisture so you get cleaner carpets with faster dry times:

  1. Pre-Treatment- We gently mist your carpets with pre-treatment to begin lifting the dirt

  2. Agitate- We use a carpet rake to massage the spray into the fibers and pull up the deeply embedded dirt hiding in your carpet

  3. Zr Water® Cleaning- We use our gentle, yet effective cleaning system that flushes the dirt out as we vacuum it all up so All We Leave is Clean®!

Why Choose Zerorez®?

Get the most out of your clean. Zerorez® doesn't use outdated ways of cleaning because we have always been in the business of cleaning better. We provide deeper cleaning, as well as a healthier alternative to traditional cleaning solutions like detergents and soaps. Using hot water extraction methods paired with our alkalized water solution, we have refined the process to ensure that we don't leave any residue behind so that your carpets will stay cleaner longer.

To get more of your questions answered, visit our FAQ page, or check out our website to find out more about our carpet cleaning services.