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Carpet Cleaning Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Carpet Cleaning Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Carpet Cleaning Eden Prairie, MN

Of all the types of carpet cleaning Eden Prairie MN has to offer, Zerorez® is the best option! If you settle for carpet cleaning that cleans with harsh chemicals or excessive amounts of water and soap, you are stuck with carpet that does not stay clean for very long. With Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning Eden Prairie, we can guarantee exceptional results and No Residue®! No Residue Means Cleaner Longer®! Our patented cleaning process uses non-toxic Zr Water® - that is, electrolyzed, oxidized water- along with an innovative brush and wand system. Our revolutionary cleaning process cleans without any harsh chemicals, soaps, or detergents, making it safe for your kids and pets, and environmentally friendly! It leaves you with cleaner carpets than you ever thought possible. Are you ready to experience the Zerorez Difference®? You have come to the right place if you are looking for the best "carpet cleaning near me"!

The Benefits of Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning

    The benefits of Zerorez® carpet cleaning Eden Prairie, MN include but are not limited to...

  • Remove the dust, debris, and other build-ups in the carpet fibers
  • Lift stains that might be sitting on the carpet
  • Remove any unpleasant odors that come from the carpet
  • Cleaning that does not leave any residue behind
  • Many different cleaning services are offered- not just carpet cleaning!
  • Reduce the number of allergens in the air with carpet cleaning
  • Enhances the look of the room
  • Can help to remove traffic lines from high traffic area carpets
  • Safe for your kids, pets, and the environment!

Our Services

Area Rug Cleaning Eden Prairie MN

Area rugs are generally more fragile than carpet, making them more susceptible to unraveling or getting ruined during cleaning. That being said, rugs must be cleaned with care to preserve their delicate fibers. Zerorez® Area Rug Cleaning is the best area rug cleaning company Eden Prairie, MN has to offer! It is essential to have the best carpet cleaning company clean your area rugs. Our Zr Water® helps remove deeply embedded dirt and debris from the fibers of your rug. You will not believe your eyes when you experience the power of Zerorez® Area Rug Cleaning Eden Prairie MN.

Upholstery Cleaning Eden Prairie MN

Upholstered furniture attracts tons of dust, dirt, dead skin and other filth. All these tiny particles cause unpleasant odors and are simply disgusting!. Upholstery cleaning is essential to keep your furniture in tip-top condition! The Zerorez® Upholstery Cleaning Eden Prairie team knows all about different types of upholstered furniture, despite the fabric, make, and colors of your upholstery- so we can offer the greatest upholstery cleaning experience just for you! We want to protect your investment just as much as you do so that you can enjoy your upholstery for years to come.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Eden Prairie MN

Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning Eden Prairie can also clean all your hard surfaces! We offer tile and grout cleaning to help you restore shine and vibrance to your home. When it comes to tile, we know how to identify the natural stone versus porcelain, versus ceramic, etc. so that we can deliver a gentle, yet effective clean. Zerorez® is the best tile and grout cleaner because of our non-toxic cleaning process. Your floors undergo a lot of foot traffic and wear and tear. Our cleaning technicians can help restore the beauty of your floors without the use of harsh chemicals. Finish your floors off with our polyurethane sealant to fill the pores in your stone, protecting them from dirt and scratches!

Pet Odor Treatment Eden Prairie MN

Pet owners' number one complaint is pet odors and spots. How can pet odors and spots be treated? Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning Eden Prairie MN has the answer! Traditional carpet cleaners often attempt to address issues at the surface of the carpet. However, Zerorez® has a better solution. Our technicians treat problems from the bottom, deep within the carpet, up. No home or pet is the same, and that is why our effective pet treatments are specially catered to you! Let go of the resentments and frustrations you have with your pet and their accidents. Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning Eden Prairie is here to help you achieve a cleaner, healthier home without the use of toxic products.

Air Duct Cleaning Eden Prairie MN

For a whole-home cleaning, get a Zerorez® air duct cleaning. That's right, in addition to our carpet cleaning services, we offer air duct cleaning to keep your home healthy and clean for longer. When you get your air ducts cleaned, you improve the air quality in your home, resulting in cleaner surfaces altogether. When there isn't dust or dirt circulating throughout your home, it doesn't get the chance to settle onto your furniture or floors, providing you with a longer lasting cleaning experience. Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning Eden Prairie MN is ready to help you take control of the air quality in your home.

Eden Prairie, MN

Eden Prairie, Minnesota, is a family-friendly suburb just 12 miles southwest of downtown Minneapolis. It has a small-town feel with easy access to the big city! Eden Prairie is a highly rated place to live due to its beautiful community, affordable housing, and top-ranked schools. It is also a great place to work and raise a family. It is filled to the brink with shopping districts, award-winning restaurants, and tons of amenities to top it off. When in Eden Prairie, you must admire the great outdoors by enjoying the parks' scenic views. Many also like to spend their days at one of the many lakes and beaches throughout the city!